Campus Bicillevant” is the name we give to our educational project, a project based on years of experience in teaching in primary and secondary schools, always with the bicycle as a common thread to train children and young people.

We use the bicycle and the infinite possibilities it offers as an educational tool. In a fun and healthy way, we introduce basic learning for daily life, such as autonomy and road safety. We take advantage of a recreational environment to provide cultural and environmental values.

Bicillevant. Play, move and smile.

Summer and Easter Campus

Our campus offers a unique experience for cycling enthusiasts and young adventurers who want to enjoy the outdoors and explore the beautiful nature of the island of Mallorca.

During the campus, children will have the opportunity to improve their cycling skills, learn new techniques and enjoy exciting cycling routes designed especially for them. We have a team of highly trained and passionate coaches who will guide the children through fun activities and games, encouraging teamwork and friendship.

In addition to the biking experience, the campus also includes time to explore nature and enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking in the forest, swimming in the ocean and playing sports at the beach.

Our campus is located in the charming town of Portocolom, surrounded by beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and breathtaking natural landscapes. With its warm and sunny climate all year round, Mallorca is the perfect place to enjoy an unforgettable cycling experience.

Join us at the Bike Campus in Portocolom for an exciting and unique adventure you won’t regret!

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