BICILLEVANTa different way to discover the island

From Bicillevant we want to share with you the feeling of enjoying the effort, of pedaling in a natural environment, where the physiognomy of a landscape surrounded by dry stone walls stands the test of time.

In Bicillevant we offer rental bicycles, guided tours and sports activities for children and young people.

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Rent a Bike!

Bicillevant the island on two wheels

Bicycle rental

Feel the sea breeze or the fresh mountain air, explore new paths and live the adventure!

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Guided Tours

Dare to explore new destinations and live a cycling adventure! Our bike tours will take you through beautiful landscapes and offer you an exciting and unique experience.

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Bicillevant Campus

Awaken your children’s passion for cycling with our educational project Campus Bicillevant! They will learn skills, enjoy the outdoors and make new friends in a fun and safe environment.

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Bicillevant Partners